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Monday, February 1, 2010

What is Vector Graphics?

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What is Vector Graphics? Most of Vector Graphics is an image or a shape curve generated, lines and shapes that are interconnected to form an image, which can be filled either color or solid color shades. The figure below is the basis of the formation of a form using the Corner Tool, Connector tool and the Curve tool to Freehand MX program.

One of the drawbacks of Vector Graphics are not displayed as bitmap graphics in a web page like in general, unless you are familiar with SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), HTML, and XML scripting, and on any computer you have installed the SVG Viewer can be downloaded from Adobe's website. But do not worry, because Freehand MX can transfer the vector into a bitmap file, and can be exported to the extension. Bmp. Jpg tiff. Gif. Tga. Eps. Pdf. And can even be exported in the form. SWF, so the program can be opened with Adobe Flash as an animation material and can be displayed on web pages

And one advantage is Vector Graphics, we can change the form or fill in the font row without reducing the quality of the image itself and we can even enlarge the picture quality is still sharp.

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